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Find a Versatile Selection of Window Covering Materials
Preparing Window Covering Materials

When you choose an artistic window covering from Vertibelle Creations Ltd., it undergoes a specific process of treatment prior to the actual painting. This treatment occurs regardless of what window covering material is being used. A clear protective topcoat is applied to each vane to preserve the painting and to prevent colour fading from exposure to the sun. We include a 10 year warranty against colour fading for all painted blinds and a 5 years warranty for translucent PVC vertical blinds.
A Note about Matching Colours & Design

Since each blind is an original piece of artwork, Vertibelle Creations Ltd.’s artists will try to match as best they can the colours and the design. However, an absolute identical reproduction of the original cannot be attained. Also, we will adjust the design so it is in proportion to the size of your blind. All the products which we use are state-of-the-art.

Talk to our artists today and plan designs for your window coverings

Headrail Features:
Fully enclosed drives and flush end caps for a secure fit and finished appearance
Clear, removable stems and centre aligned carriers
Reversible headrails for right or left installation
Stacking options include left, right, split draw, and opposite stack

Valance Options:
Standard valance with round corners is available as an inside or outside mount; square returns available upon request
Executive valance is a single valance with trim inserts on the top and bottom available in a collection of colours and finishes to complement and match any pattern and colour

Track Options:
Cord and chain controls – chains split for safety
Mounting – inside, outside, wall, or ceiling mount
Stacking – one-way draw or center draw

Translucent PVC blinds

Translucent PVC

Translucent PVC blinds come with 3 ½” vertical blinds. These blinds allow for natural light to come through without sacrificing complete privacy like traditional PVC blinds. Translucent PVC blinds are great for our stained glass effect.

  • Dimensional stability at room temperature
  • Almost unlimited range of colours – transparent to opaque
  • Easy to clean
  • Low cost
  • Good combination of stiffness and impact strength, toughness, extensibility, high ratio of strength to weight
  • Acrylic-PVC alloy with high impact strength available
  • Comparatively low heat distortion and softening temperature
  • Non-flammability
Solid PVC

Solid PVC

New-age vinyl vertical vanes offer the look of elegant fabric with the wearability and low maintenance of vinyl. Rediscover the elegance of vertical blinds.

  • Durable vinyl louvers are flame-retardant and provide a neutral street side appearance
  • Optional valance with choice of square or wraparound returns (wraparound is standard)
  • Many styles coordinate with 2" vinyl horizontal blinds
  • 2" and 3 ½" vertical blinds available

For style choices, check out our  regular PVC blinds collection.



Fabric blinds let in a warm subtle yet natural light which maintain the privacy you're looking for. They offer drapery-like appeal and soft light filtering qualities, with free-hanging vertical fabric regulating the desired light and view is easily achieved. Our top-of-the-line fabric blinds feature:

  • Pantograph traversing system that assure proportional spacing of the slats
  • Ball bearing pulleys in the control mechanism
  • Self-lubricating wheels on every carriage for smoother movement of slats
  • Clear stems for a sleek appearance with both fabric and vinyl slats
  • Adjustable bracket option for easier installation
  • 3 ½" Vertical blinds
  • Vacuum cleaned

Perforated PVC

Perforated PVC controls sun and heat without blocking visibility. It allows natural light to come through without losing privacy. These blinds provide a good combination of stiffness and impact strength, toughness, extensibility, and high ratio of strength to weight.

  • Dimensional stability at room temperature
  • Comparatively low heat distortion and softening temperature
  • Low cost
  • Acrylic-PVC alloy with high impact strength available
  • Non-flammability
  • 3 ½" Vertical blinds
  • Easy to clean

For regular blind styles, see our PVC blinds.


Roller Shades

Roller shades are fine custom window treatments that operate with precision. The shades move easily, starting or stopping with the touch of a chain or spring control thanks to their heavy-duty components and control mechanisms.

  • Roller shades offer a simplistic yet elegant and timeless look
  • Strong steel tube virtually eliminates bowing and allows for wide shades where fabric width allows
  • Multiple fabric styles available; many feature a neutral exterior backing
  • Precision clutch control mechanism provides exact positioning when raising or lowering the shade
  • No frustrating spring locks to contend with
  • Roller shades can be used by themselves or as an under treatment with draperies
  • Regular hem or optional scallop design adds a look of distinction to the window, ideally suited for traditional homes
  • High-fashion styling in a wide array of fabrics
  • Fabric selections fit any setting from casual to contemporary to traditional
  • Maintains maximum privacy and light control
  • Solid vinyl available
  • Blocks the sun
  • Easy to clean

Sheerweave Roller Shade

Sheerweave or sunscreen roller shades are made of easy-to-clean, vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The sheerweave shades’ ability block light and UV rays is determined by the percentage of the light that passes through the shade based on the openness factor.

  • Sunscreen controls sun and heat without blocking visibility or natural light coming in
  • UV blockage: approximately 95%
  • Openness factor: approximately 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% which provides most visibility
  • Composition: 25% polyester, 75% PVC on polyester
  • Top quality material with chain control on the side
  • Heavy-duty components and control mechanism

Fauxwood & Basswood

Surround yourself with nature's best with fauxwood or basswood blinds. Fauxwood and basswood blinds make any room look warmer in the winter and fresher in the summer, providing comfort of natural wood beauty. Our fauxwood and basswood styles come with 2" horizontal blinds that are easy to clean and great for blocking out the sun on those hot days. These types of blinds look especially great when placed in a room with wooden furniture, floors, or handcrafts.

Fauxwood blinds are made of moisture resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and come with heavy-duty cords and components. These blinds are fashioned in the style of North American hardwoods. Fauxwood blinds are sustainable and renewable, custom-crafted for quality and style. These blinds are carefully engineered for privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. Try fauxwood or basswood in your living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms.



Aluminum blinds can easily block the sun providing dimensional stability at room temperature. It has a comparatively low heat distortion and softens temperatures in any room. These blinds are easy to clean and are available at a low cost.

  • Almost unlimited range of colours - transparent to opaque
  • Good combination of stiffness and impact strength, toughness, extensibility, and high ratio of strength to weight
  • Acrylic-PVC alloy with high impact strength available
  • Non-flammability
  • 1/2", 1", and 2" horizontal blinds available

Plexiglas & Tempered Glass

Plexiglas has a long history of use as a commercial medium for signs and advertising, but it can also be used in door and window treatments. It is available in a variety thicknesses, colours, and styles like clear, opaque, and transparent. We can provide our hand painting services for Plexiglas and tempered glass.

Plexiglas is a hard acrylic material that comes in sheets and can be customized to the size desired. The translucent look will give privacy, and the painting will be seen from both sides. It comes in variety of thickness, and we believe 4.5mm is appropriate for most projects. This high-quality product will not fade, crack, or chip under normal conditions.

By layering the various panes of Plexiglas it is possible to take advantage of the medium's transparent qualities. In many of the pieces, the viewer can see through the first layer of Plexiglas and get a hint or shadow of images that lie under it.


Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window film allows light to filter through your windows while still providing a private surrounding. These films can control heat and block UV rays.



Your new shutters can be customized with 2.5” or 3.5” louvers, with or without the frame. They’re simple to install, easy to clean, fire-retardant, moisture-resistant, won’t warp or peel and come with a non-porous permanent finish


Double Shades (Zebra)

Our double-shade roller blinds, which come in polyester, are a popular product. The “zebra” effect comes from light-filtering double layers, which overlap for privacy


Vienna Shades

These shades have a softening effect on the light coming into the room, as they incorporate fabric filters between the horizontal blinds

Other window coverings include draperies and shutters. Motorized systems are also available.