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Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless window treatments ensure safety

Child safety is of the utmost concerns to Vertibelle when providing solutions to our customers. Dangling cords, exposed electrical cords or anything that could end up around the neck are properly secured out of reach. Even jump ropes, ribbon wands, and scarves should be used with adult supervision with small children. They are completely unaware of the dangers of misuse of these types of things. Our goal is to provide the safest solution available.

Cordless window coverings are one way to ensure safety in a classroom, and Vertibelle offers almost unlimited options for cordless window treatments, including window blinds, Solar shades, Blackout blinds, graphic shades and shutters. Whether you have small windows or a wall of windows, a cordless operation is available, providing safe and efficient light control and privacy. Additionally, window coverings in all kinds of weather, by blocking heat gain in summer as well as helping to maintain a comfortable inside temperature when it’s cold outside. Different styles of window treatments offer varying degrees of energy efficiency and Vertibelles consultant can help you determine what is best for your specific needs.

Motorization is a cordless option for window coverings as well as the ultimate convenience for hard-to-reach windows. No need to reach across desks or countertops to adjust the blinds or shades, one-touch remote control makes it easy to adjust the window coverings as needed throughout the day.