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Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless window treatments ensure safety Child safety is of the utmost concerns to Vertibelle when providing solutions to our customers. Dangling cords, exposed electrical cords or anything that could end up around the neck are properly secured out of reach. Even jump ropes, ribbon wands, and scarves should be used with adult supervision with small…

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The Venetian Blinds History

The early history of the venetian blind is conjectural. The early Venetians, who were great traders, are thought to have brought the idea of the blind from Persia to Venice. The Venetian slaves, once freed, are then thought to have brought the blind to France for personal comfort and as a means of livelihood. The…

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7 Materials For Window Blinds

  These 7 materials for window blinds will give you a whole swathe of ways to personalise your home’s look and feel: ALUMINUM A light and sturdy makeup makes aluminum one of the most popular materials for window blinds. It’s easy to maintain, but take care not to bend the slats when cleaning. The slats…

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Will Window Coverings Save You Energy ?

Saving energy has been a supreme household ideal ever since utility companies starting charging people for electricity. It’s one of those ideals that’ll never fade and may even get revived with new vigour for each new generation. Think back to the time when you were growing up and how your parents would constantly harp on…

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