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Hand Painted Blinds

We can paint everything from beach scenery, floral designs, and wildlife to abstract art and corporate logos

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Window Coverings To Fit

Vertibelle Creations Ltd. creates and produces any design, any size with a variety of different window blind materials, to beautifully enhance your home, office, restaurant, bank and more.

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Custom Window Shades

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and for years Vertibelle has been customizing shades to fit their customer's needs. Custom shades have really evolved over the last couple of years. The roller shades are easy to use and offer a simplistic but noticeable look.

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Custom Window Blinds

For people who prefer classic or contemporary furnishings, wooden blinds are great to complete the look you’re searching for. Vertibelle's  Style Consultants will guide you through picking out the right wooden window blinds to match your home decor. We carry a variety of colors from white wooden blinds to black and everything in between.

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Commercials Window Shades

No matter the size and scope of your window covering requirements, we are ready to meet your needs with competitive pricing and excellent service.  For your commercial window treatments, we can provide a wide variety of colours, textures, fabrics, and functions suitably priced for your needs. Please contact us to get started with your project today

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Planning a home renovation? Looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom for a more energy efficient model?

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Everyone Loves the Blinds
Thanks for the email. Everyone loves the blinds. The kids have shown several friends on the street. My wife was especially impressed by the hockey portrait you did of my son.

We just received the blind and had it hung, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are SO pleased!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

--Patti, Duke Energy (South Carolina, USA)

We Love Our Blinds

I received my sunset palm tree blinds you were right they are gorgeous. They match the colours in my sunset comforter set as if they were bought together. My friend and I said how can people have talent like that. Well I just wanted you to know how much we love our blinds. Thank you so much.

- Germaine

Absolutely Stunning

The blinds are absolutely stunning – absolutely everyone comments on them! The kids love, love them and they are perfect. Thank you so much. I will take pictures of their rooms and email them to you so you can see for yourself how amazing they are. Keepsakes for life, for sure. Thank you again for your beautiful work.

- Leanne

Amazing Work

Thank you so much for your help, and the blinds are beautiful. Our friends are amazed when they ask where we got them and we tell them we ordered them from Canada. They always want to know how I was able to find something like that. We can also amaze them when they ask how we chose the color scheme and we tell them you were also our decorator.

- Jim and Sue (Illinois, USA)

Patient & Professional

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I received the blinds on Tuesday and put them up myself that night. The hardware was so easy to work with and install. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out, they're beautiful!! My husband also agrees, and he's very picky. Thank you again for your patience and professionalism.

- Wendy (Pennsylvania, USA)

Superb Craftsmanship

Received the blinds late last week and just installed them yesterday…they are just gorgeous...we are so pleased...the quality and craftsmanship is superb...the packing was awesome and your instructions so easy to follow…can't express how happy we are. I will take a picture of the spa room and email to you.... Again thank you so much they are truly wonderful…and I have passed on your website to so many friends as we cannot speak highly enough of the quality and service we received. Look forward to doing business again when we have the need for more blinds. Thank you again.

- Pamela and Doug (California, USA)

Truly Grateful

I just wanted to inform you that we have received and installed the blinds. They look very beautiful and we are very happy with it. Thank you for your assistance and the wonderful advice you provided. It worked perfectly. Once again we are truly grateful and we enjoyed doing business with you.

- Lawrence

Thank You So Much

I want to thank you so much I just walk by and stop and look at them all day. I've already received many compliments from my family members I'm so appreciative to have one of your very unique creations and soon in the future I will be placing another order for additional windows.

- Gail


I am very pleased with the final painting. Again I was impressed that yourselves not only listened to my views, but also was willing and able to change the painting at my request. One of my hobbies is art so for you to make a change to suit my perspective of the painting was great.

- John (England, United Kingdom)


I am very pleased with the final painting. Again I was impressed that yourselves not only listened to my views, but also was willing and able to change the painting at my request. One of my hobbies is art so for you to make a change to suit my perspective of the painting was great.

- John (England, United Kingdom)

OH MY GOODNESS!!! words cannot express the joy that we both feel. These blinds turned out exactly the way we envisioned them and even better!!Thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much. You Dencell and your team are truly a blessing.

Thanks again.  Talk soon. Keesha

WCMA has created the Best for Kids certification program.

Cord safety in homes where young children are or may be present is a priority for the window covering industry. All window covering products must be manufactured in compliance with the ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2012 safety standard. The safety standard encourages continuous innovation as manufacturers and fabricators strive to provide the broadest range of products for…

New safety standard on window coverings announced.

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) announced today the approval of a new window covering safety standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that will require a vast majority of window covering products sold in the United States and Canada to be cordless or have inaccessible or short cords.  The new safety standard strengthens window-covering safety by requiring that all…

Vertibelle Blinds Cover up

y Like many homeowners around the country, you might think of curtains and blinds as nothing more than a finishing touch, an aesthetic feature to make your home look better to family, friends, and passerby. Vertibelle creative Ltd’s blinds impact on your home is greater than you might think. Not only does it play a part…

Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless window treatments ensure safety Child safety is of the utmost concerns to Vertibelle when providing solutions to our customers. Dangling cords, exposed electrical cords or anything that could end up around the neck are properly secured out of reach. Even jump ropes, ribbon wands, and scarves should be used with adult supervision with small…

The Venetian Blinds History

The early history of the venetian blind is conjectural. The early Venetians, who were great traders, are thought to have brought the idea of the blind from Persia to Venice. The Venetian slaves, once freed, are then thought to have brought the blind to France for personal comfort and as a means of livelihood. The…

7 Materials For Window Blinds

  These 7 materials for window blinds will give you a whole swathe of ways to personalise your home’s look and feel: ALUMINUM A light and sturdy makeup makes aluminum one of the most popular materials for window blinds. It’s easy to maintain, but take care not to bend the slats when cleaning. The slats…

Will Window Coverings Save You Energy ?

Saving energy has been a supreme household ideal ever since utility companies starting charging people for electricity. It’s one of those ideals that’ll never fade and may even get revived with new vigour for each new generation. Think back to the time when you were growing up and how your parents would constantly harp on…